Providing the highest quality learning environments for the future.

Education Cleaning

New York Crystal Cleaning’s school janitorial services maintain a healthy and safe environment for students and faculty by offering a comprehensive cleaning plan and experienced staff dedicated to first-rate maintenance

First impressions count

Parents take note of the appearance and cleanliness of educational facilities when choosing a school for their child. New York Crystal Cleaning ensures there will be no restroom odors, dirty floors, or grimy tables to ensure the health and safety of both students and staff.

Our cleaning benefits students of all sizes


Our cleaning services ensure your little one can focus on learning and growing in the safest of environments

Tutoring/Learning Centers

Our focus on the sterilization and disinfection of tutoring centers enables your child to learn in a healthy, welcoming environment.


A higher level of learning requires the highest expectation of cleanliness. Our cleaning services help large universities focus on the task at hand, bringing the best in education to its students.

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